We offer free estimates upon request to customers dropping off their clocks at our location. Those customers not requesting an estimate will have their clock rapidly moved into the service line. Pickup and delivery service is only available for Grandfather and Grandmother Clocks.

We have a very comprehensive collection of:

  • Hands
  • High Quality Quartz movements (Standard, Musical and Pendulum)
  • Pendulums
  • Weights
  • Bezels and Glass (Flat and Convex)
  • Cables and Chains
  • Pendulum Springs
  • Parts specifically associated to Cuckoo, 400-day (Anniversary), ATMOS, OG, and electric clocks and many more!
  • We can offer a limited amount of case repair and custom installation of replacement movements.

What Do We Do Once Your Clock Is Logged Into The Shop:

All clocks are logged in for service, the movement is removed for cleaning and then a detailed inspection follows. All worn or broken parts are replaced according to the customers’ expectations.  We have a very large stock of used movements with serviceable parts that will perform to the manufacturers specifications, saving the customer a lot of money. Using these parts may be the only option if a movement and their parts are no longer available. After reassembly, the movement is placed on a test stand to be regulated and ensure proper operation. This process can take anywhere from five days to three weeks depending on the type of clock and any issues occurring during the regulation period.


We offer free estimates upon request otherwise the watch is rapidly moved into the service line. Our watch repair services offered to our customers can include crystal, stem and crown, gasket, band pin, and movement replacements.  The most economical solution for the customer with a bad quartz movement is a direct replacement since most manufacturers have stopped producing specific quartz watch replacement parts. We have a very large stock of replacement movements. Sizing a band is normally not a problem while you wait depending on our workload at that time. We have a full stock of fresh batteries and some capacitors. Parts that have to be ordered normally take three days to two weeks, depending on the supplier. Parts specific to a certain brand (original crowns, cases and band links) can take between four months and nine months (Invicta, Fossil, etc.). Unfortunately this is beyond our control.


Machine engraving on charms, bride and groom gifts, memorial plaques, Urns, rifles, name-tags, medical alert bracelets, baby gifts and much more.  Most items will be available for pickup in two to three days. Unfortunately we cannot engrave glass.